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Cheddar wafers

These savory little Wafers are bursting with cheese flavor and just the right amount of spice. Serve them with soup, salads, stews and chili. Try sprinkling them on potatoes, risotto, grits, or tacos. They also make great panko crumbs. But we think they're best when eaten by the fistful.

Go ahead, it's midnight somewhere.

-Enjoy within 6 months of purchase 

Haute Fudge 

This rich sauce can be added to cakes, waffles, stews, poached pears, crepes,  chilis, and authentic mole. Serve warm with fresh fruit, breadsticks, or pretzels. Serve hot with ice cream or pancakes with bananas. Serve cold on a heaping spoon right out of the fridge.

Go ahead, it's midnight somewhere. 

-Enjoy within 3 months of purchase

-Refrigerate after opening