• About

    After years of baking for friends and family, playing with flavors and ingredients, and developing niche confections, The Night Baker was born. It was also born out of my love for a childhood hot fudge sauce based in my hometown of Boston -and well, it was also born out of a post Covid world.
  • I’d just begun selling my cheddar cheese mini crackers and developing my business model when Covid 19 shut down the world - and shut down my plans. It also shut down many kitchen incubators and commercial commissaries, leaving me and a lot of other food entrepreneurs stranded. Still, my ideas kept coming and my hands kept baking.
  • While creating a line of cakes for after the pandemic, I replicated the hot fudge flavor of my childhood. Wow! It was so good - dare I say - it was even better. I decided to send a few jars - along with my cheddar wafers that were already in high demand - to my quarantined friends and family. The reaction was pure joy. Joy in the midst of a global pandemic. Yup, this is my business: Lucious ingredients, rich flavors, happy people.
  • Still the kitchen conundrum: Shuttered commissaries, wait lists, ghost kitchens, weird kitchens, midnight hours - wait! Midnight hours, night baking - I can do this!

... i am the night baker